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Online Teaching Certification and Qualification Course


The Online Teaching Certification Course is in the Blackboard learner management system (LMS) used at Upstate and throughout the USC system. Go to the Upstate Blackboard home page once you have submitted your Registration information and have received a confirmation email.

This is a required course for all faculty NEW to online teaching, with no prior training or experience. This 5 module course in Blackboard will introduce the faculty member to the basics of navigating the online learning environment, the best practices for organizing teaching and learning, and the required elements in a quality online student experience. Through this course, you will both be certified to teach online at Upstate and qualified to enter further course development programs. Faculty will need to be re-certified or waived (with evidence of advanced training or experience) every 5 years.

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Waiver and exceptions policy:  As a matter of good practice, all faculty teaching online courses benefit from exposure to information about best teaching methods and course design for online environments. New and current faculty at Upstate with no prior experience in teaching online will need to be certified prior to teaching a course. The Director of Distance Education may waive this requirement for any faculty with documented prior training or evidence of successful online teaching. This can include certificates of completion for online course design or teaching, instructional design for online courses, or evaluations from online courses. Being a former student in an online course does not qualify.

Course Content:
  1. Basic Blackboard Design and Navigation (Module 1)
  2. Designing & Managing Content (Module 2)
  3. Learner Engagement & Course Interaction (Module 3)
  4. Assessment of Learning (Module 4)
  5. Applied Sandbox Course Work (Module 5)
Screen shot of the Blackboard Certification course